CUSTOMER SATISFACTION : Understanding customer’s needs, producing solutions in line with all needs of clients by delivering quality services, and sending feedbacks through fast answers.

PERFECTION : Delivering perfect services, and achieving high quality service at reasonable costs.

PARTNERSHIPS : Establishing with our clients and vendors partnerships which are reliable, sustainable, and creating added value.

TECHNOLOGY :Constantly following technological developments , and keeping our operational productivity in high level.

HUMAN RESOURCES : Employing appropriate candidates whatever their religion, language, race, gender, and disability; raising personnel satisfaction, growing their productivity and loyalty to the organization; and contributing to decision making process through providing an environment allowing them to develop themselves.

WORK ETHICS : Keeping promises given to client, supplier, and employees; timely sharing correct information with the authorities; and considering justice principles in all our relationships.

ACCOUNTING :Reflecting all transactions of the company, and asset management in a correct and detailed way.

CONFIDENTIALITY : Respecting to the confidentiality of information beloning to our customers and vendors.

WORK SAFETY and ENVIRONMENT : Continuous improvement of environment and work safety performance in line with aims and objectives, by regularly revising sources of danger in terms of environment and work safety of logistic services. Devising technologies which are environment friendly, and not threating work safety. Caring about and preventing environment pollution.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY : In all the proceedings, acting socially responsible, and in compliance with laws; fulfilling responsibilities for the society and environment, with a sustainable growth; contributing to education.